Research Paper

Writing a research paper has no big difference in manner of style and steps with writing any other academic essay, apart from that there are additional requirements when writing a research paper. Research papers are generally longer than common academic essays. For any one to write a research paper there must be some prior research carried out. For a student to carry out a research he or she must have a topic of research which you are expected to investigate. Investigating a topic of research one has to do a lot of reading from various sources, including on-line, books, magazines, newspapers and sometimes you may required to carry out some interviews.

All the information gathered from these investigative process is then used to support your argument in the research paper. One important aspect of writing research papers is that you must provide credible resources as your sources of information. The basic steps to follow when writing a research papers are as follows:

  • Identify research topic of interest
  • Identify resources for the topic information
  • Read the sources clearly and take notes as you read
  • Arrange your ideas and write the first research paper draft
  • Use footnotes and end notes in your draft to indicate the sources of information
  • Write your bibliography and start revising the draft
  • Proofread and edit your final draft for presentation

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