Movie Review

Many people know how to write book reviews, but when it comes to writing a movie review, confusion and frustration sets in. The main reason why writing movie review is frustrating is simply, because you have to make a distinction between a movie review and movie critique. The difference is in the way they are organized. Writing a movie review, you are expected to give clues to your readers on worthiness of the particular movie, while a movie critique writing, you are expected to show how particular parts of a movie can be improved. Many web sites and magazines are full of movie reviews.

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Tips on writing a good movie review:

  • You need to watch the movie.
  • Pay special attention to details like who directed the movie, characters in the movie and their acting background.
  • Formulate a personal opinion on the movie and put it down in your own languange. The thesis statement of your review.
  • Scenes, character development and the general plot of the movie should help you to support your opinion.
  • Movies are done with target audience in mind, likewise when writing a movie review; you should have a targeted audience to write to.

Writers at the will attest to you that writing a movie review requires you to avoid negative statements that might irritate your audience. Compare the movie to its advertisement campaign that preceded the release of the movie and give professional feedback on the movie. Just like in any other forms of writing, your introduction of a movie review should catch the attention of the reader. In the introduction you should include basic plot of the movie with major scenes from the movie.

Make the introduction as informative and interesting as much as possible. Compare or contrast the movie to other major movies by the same director. You should not forget to mention how well the actors have performed in the movie and who is starring in that movie. The movie setting, characters, the general interactions and dialogue by the actors should help you in forming a positive opinion of the movie.

Watching a movie for leisure is a pleasant activity but when it come to reviewing the movie it becomes another thing altogether. Students, who have been given assignments on reviewing movies, complain of attention and concentration deficiencies expected of a movie review. To receive a well structured custom movie review paper from all you need to do is to visit our website and order for one. You will not be disappointed, as our writers are conversant with the art of writing movie reviews.

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Some of tips are outlined below:

  • Watch the movie with a keen and critical eye. Note down descriptions of significant scenes.
  • Always be on the lookout for instructions from your tutor. The tutor may be expecting specific elements in the movie review.
  • Include the information on who directed the movie, main characters of the movie, editing and the camera work as well as the historical period used in the movie.
  • Make an outline and a thesis statement of your own.
  • Create strong arguments to support your thesis.
  • Conclude your review by a brief summary of your arguments.

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