MLA Dissertation

MLA dissertation is very common in American and Canadian high schools, graduate schools and universities. It is a widely used method in writing essays, thesis, research papers and even term papers. Thousands of students each year are engaged in MLA dissertation writing to get their degrees, Masters or PhD. But what is MLA? This term is the abbreviation for the word Modern Language Association. It is a format of citation or referencing used in writing. MLA is used in writing and argumentation of research in the areas such as humanities, but it is mostly used in English studies and related fields such as: Cultural studies, media studies, literary criticism and modern languages. Using MLA to write your dissertation requires one to know a lot of details and instructions.

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Below are some of the important guidelines that are useful when writing an MLA dissertation.

  • The text on your paper should be double spaced.
  • The first line of each paragraph should be indented to about one half inch from the left Margin.
  • Endnotes if any should be included on a separate page just before the citation.
  • Leave only one space after every period.
  • Do not give your paper a title page unless requested to do so.