Book Report

Students in many schools receive guidelines from their tutors on ways of completing good book reports. Many tutors will help the student in differentiating between a book report and a book review. Writing a book report requires giving complete facts about a book. You as a writer will be expected to indicate in the report, who is the author of the book, the year and the place of publication together with a summary of the book. On the other hand, writing a book review requires you to give a personalized view of the book, including the factual facts as in the book report. Many students express frustration while writing book reports, due to the overlapping meaning of the two terms. For those who are facing difficulties in writing book reports, is a writing center that helps students in writing credible and quality book reports. The basic steps to follow when writing a book reports are outlined below:

  • As the writer you will either be given a book to write a report on it or you be expected to chose a book of your choice. Always chose a book that interests you to avoid problems of negative book report writing and getting bored by the book.
  • Read the book. Make notes of the author, characters, major developments and subplots as you write.
  • Make an outline that will guide in writing your report. Note the book setting, the time period of the story and the main character of the story.
  • Write your first draft.
  • Read your draft for editing and proof reading.
  • If possible let someone else read your draft and give you some feedback.
  • Write your final draft. Format your final draft according to instructions given by the tutor. Make sure the report has a personal perspective at the end.How did the author impress you, the authors style of writing, the setting and whether the author manage to convey to you whatever he/she intended to convey in the book.

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