Guidelines for Writing Canada Essays: How to Do the Research

If you need to write a Canada essay, you should first formulate the question you want to discuss in the paper. Canada essays can cover many issues, for example, the history of this country, its international relations, culture, demographics, etc. Let us consider a situation when you have to submit a Canada essay on such topic as “Bilingualism in Canada and its implications for the society”.

A student, who has to write a Canada essay on this question, may have to browse through multitude of sources. So, the research plays the most crucial role.

There are several strategies that you can employ in order to search for the necessary information for the Canada essay. First, you may insert the entire phrase into search engine. There will be a great number of hits. However, many of them may be irrelevant to the topic of your Canada essay. This is why you should split the research question into several keywords. The whole process will be less time-consuming. Learners, who need to write a Canada essays, should remember that Google, as well as other search engines provide many tools enabling to refine the results.

These are the main tasks which you should do in your Canada essay:

  1. Evaluate various impacts of bilingualism on Canadian society,
  2. Discuss opinions of different scholars on this issue,
  3. Present your own opinion and give evidence supporting your arguments.

This paper must show that you can critically assess the views of others in the Canada essay. Furthermore, you should be able to uphold your own opinion. In the Canada essay you need to demonstrate that you have mastered analytical and critical skills.