What makes a good resume. Several factors and secrets.

Wondering what makes a good resume?

Well there are several factors that go into making a good, professional looking and attractive resume. A good resume should be neat, clutter free, easy to read, and should be precisely be able to tell the skills and experience of the applicant. Your resume is like an advertisement that is made to market all your good qualities so as to make it attractive to the potential employer.

So to learn what makes a good resume it is important that you study sample resumes. You will find numerous sample resumes on the internet for all kinds of jobs. Taking time to study them will give you the idea what to include in the resume and how to beautifully word it. Taking time in finding what makes a good resume would help you to make an impressive resume that catches the attention of the reader and gets you the job interview.

When we talk about what makes a good resume, then one of the aspects is the ability to write all you experience, achievement and awards, skills, qualities in a short yet expressive manner. You should be able to play with words in order to prevent it from becoming monotonous. Giving proper headings and selecting proper font size and font style is very important. Also what makes a good resume is the knack of highlighting the good points. Using bullet points, bold or italics to put emphasis on keywords is a great idea. This can grab attention by putting highlight all your positive qualities. Just do not overuse any of it.

What makes a good resume unique is the clarity in giving information.

When you write a resume you can initiate with a brief introduction. Then in the next section write about your experience. Make separate paragraph for each job experience. Mention you job duties in each project and also highlight any special achievements or recognition you got for it. Mentioning the time duration with dates for each project and job experience is also what makes a good resume. Later go on to write about your educational qualifications. Here also mentioning the name of the qualification, the name of the university or institute issuing it and the dates of passing out is very important. You should also write about additional skills like languages known, knowledge of tools and softwares, computer skills etc.

When you are learning what makes a good resume you will find out that the length of the resume is very important. The employer has to go through all the applications and can only give certain amount of time to read each resume. So it is you job to make your resume easy to read and precise. You resume should be about 1-2 pages long. In case of many years of experience on different projects you can add more pages. But you don’t have to give every detail of each project in an elaborative way. Just write the main points and it should be enough.