What Is the Best Organizing Method for Writing Essay?

How to organize for essay writing? There is no right or wrong in writing a good essay.

Techniques and methods are varying along with the requirements in your essay writings. However, for someone who doesn’t really know how to organize a good essay, here we provide the ideal guide for best way to organize your essay writing.

Planning is the most important task to do. Do not plan too long as you will not have enough time to write your essay especially when you are in examination hall. Determine on what is your most efficient way to gather of lists of information and start framing. Read and make sure you understand your requirements. Planning helps to determine your order and logic arguments and allow you to spot your lists.

Methods to organize in essay writing are as follows:

Chronological Order

Paragraphs are separated by process and series of procedures.


Paragraphs are divided into material categories and difference between ideas.

Increasing importance

The most important idea comes in the final paragraph to build essay’s strength.

Cause and effect

Paragraphs divided by relations between events and why it happened.

Comparison and contrast

Statements for similarity and difference between two main ideas are separated in paragraphs.