University Essay Writing: More Freedom, More Complexity!

How is university essay writing different?

University essay writing is very different from the essay writing you most certainly did at school or college. If then you could relate on the logical thinking you have and the knowledge of essay structure you possess, it is not so easy with university essay writing.

Here, in addition to all the above said, research work is often required. This means that university essay writing is more a research work than a usual peace of academic writing.

Research for university essay writing

So, research is the basis for university essay writing. Of course, this does not mean that to write an essay one has to read several book, study a number of articles, and go through a couple of dissertations. But still, university essay writing requires students to strongly support their ideas.

In other words, if in college it was enough for you to write an argument and logically support it, in university this will not do. If you say something, this idea should be supported by a reputable scholarly opinion to be trusted. Thus, university essay writing is saying only what you can support.

Format in university essay writing

One more comparison of university essay writing and academic writing at earlier educational periods is the strictness of format requirements. The only points school students should follow are the 5-paragraph essay structure and a good essay title. The number of points to pay attention to in university essay writing includes:

  • Title page formatting;
  • Use of headings and subheadings;
  • Format requirements of various citation styles like MLA, APA, etc.;
  • Rules for in-text citation formatting;
  • Development of a proper works cited page.

So, university essay writing obviously means more complexity and more constraints. However, everyone can cope with it if he/she follows all the rules.