Scientific Research Papers: Students’ Writing Guidelines

Let us start the analysis of scientific research papers writing with the identification of key sections:

  • Title page; this section should be written in accordance with provided requirements for scientific research papers.
  • Executive summary. Summarize the main ideas which will be discussed in future scientific research paper. Stress the main argument for the research and the way it will be discussed.
  • Introductory part. Try to develop the thesis for your scientific research paper. Make this part interesting and arguable. It should reflect some criticism to be supported in further sections of scientific research paper.
  • Methodology. One should stress the fact that this section should cover the following issues: subjects, stimuli, apparatus, and procedures.
  • Findings. Try to demonstrate the results of your scientific research paper in the simplest way, organizing the data appropriately and understandable to every reader.
  • Discussion. One should provide interpretation of the scientific research papers results and findings on the basis of methodologies and researched material.
  • Reference list. It is necessary to follow appropriate academic citation style for work referencing.
  • Graphs and tables.
  • Figures. This section of scientific research papers can present some error bars or graph design related to the topic.

Further on, let us consider the tips for scientific research papers writing:

  • Make a plan for your writing;
  • Consult with the tutor as to the draft to take into account the comments provided;
  • Try to perform coherent writing;
  • Make the paragraphs be logically connected;
  • When the paper is finished, spend time on reading it one more time. Make editing and proofreading.

You can give your work to read to someone else for it to be evaluated. It will give an opportunity to understand mistakes and weak points.