Sample Book Critique: Tips on How to Choose It and Use It

Let us clear all up at once. This article does not teach how book critiques are written. Neither considers it the pros and cons on book critiques. What this article does is explains how to choose and use proper sample book critiques you can find online.

How to choose sample book critiques

So, let us start with discussing how to choose the sample book critique you need and that fits your task best. The first step is to determine whether the Internet resource that provides the sample book critique you found is reliable. You can do it by checking the reputation of the resource online and by considering the affiliations of the resource with other reputable databases.

After you found out that the resource is not that reliable, think twice whether to use it or look for some more. If the resource is a reliable one, you can start looking for the fitting sample book critique. On finding it, look what type of book it critiques and decide if this is what you need. The point is that sample book critiques of novels differ in requirements from sample book critiques of historical chronicles.

Finally, make sure that the sample book critique you found conforms to standard structure requirements for critiques. This structure includes at least:

  • Introduction providing the information on the critiques book, its authors, and his/her background;
  • Summary that briefly discusses the plot, main ideas, and topics of the book;
  • Analysis in which the author’s ideas are related to the context in which the book was written or to the reality of today, etc;
  • Evaluation in which the pros and cons of the book are objectively presented;
  • Conclusion that draws the line below what the sample book critique focused on.

How to use sample book critiques

Once you are sure that the chosen sample book critique conforms to all the above requirements, you can use it. This step is much easier than choosing. If you are sure the sample book critique fits you, just follow its guidelines in writing your own critique.

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