Research Paper Formats: Basic Points of the Organization

An organization is an essential part of an academic paper as well as of any other document. It means that papers should have a certain structure and format. The current article highlights essential aspects and major points of the research paper formats.

Paper, Margins, and Title

Paper for a draft can be whatever you like. The research paper format requires white sheets of a definite size (8 1/2″ x 11″). The margins are established according to the research paper format: one-inch margins on all sides of the paper and ½-inch margins for page numbers which are flushed to the right margin at the top of the page. The title page can be or can be not requested by your instructor.

If the instructor asked you to insert a title page but did not provide the instructions, you can use the research paper format. You should insert your first name and the last name, the name of your instructor, the code of the class, and the date. Double-space all lines and give these points each on a separate line according to the research paper format.

Page Numbers and Spacing

Double-space the paper. Check that the spacing is double throughout the paper. Do not forget about spaces between the words. According to the research paper format, you should preserve single spaces after words and punctuation marks. The exception is an APA citation style where double spaces are put after full stops according to the research paper format. The page numbers are put in the upper right hand corner. Use Arabic numerals with a view to the research paper format.

Indentation and Justification

Left justify the whole text, taking into consideration the research paper format, because the right justification leaves extremely large spaces between the words. Indent ½ inch at the beginning of each paragraph. Do not forget about block quotes of the research paper format: MLA:  indention – 1 ½ inch, double-spaced; APA: indention – 1 inch, single-spaced.

The organization of the paper is always important. You can use the research paper format introduced in the current article.