Some Tips on How to Write an Interesting MBA Literature Review

MBA literature review is an essential part of any MBA dissertation and it should be completed in accordance with the existing rules. This article presents some helpful information for those students who want to complete MBA literature review properly.

How to create an argumentative MBA literature review

  • Consider a topic of your MBA literature review and find some trusted sources that you can use.
  • Sources in MBA literature review should be scholarly and credible; they should provide some thorough investigation of the problem under consideration.
  • Try to discuss all sections of your MBA dissertation with an advisor and talk to him/her about the way your literature review should be structured and presented.
  • Be sure to insert different types of the sources: books, journals, different articles on the problem under consideration.
  • Learn the difference between MBA literature review and annotated bibliography and do no mix those up. The structure and the content of those types of writing are absolutely different.

The structure of MBA literature review

  • Be sure that your MBA literature review is preceded by an introduction wherein you consider the aim of your research.
  • Mentioning the next work of the author, be sure to compare and contrast the viewpoints of different authors whose works you discuss in your MBA literature review.
  • Notify the reader about possible gaps in your research and outline the perspectives for further research.
  • Moreover, discuss the strengths and the weaknesses of sources you used in your MBA literature review.

So, MBA literature review writing is not so difficult if you keep in mind the information mentioned above.

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