Literature Research Paper: Hints On The Paper Structure

Literature is one of the branches of human activity. The works of literature can be clear and understandable, or ambiguous and vague at the same time. Some people prefer clear short stories which make them laugh or cry, without thinking a lot of implicit meanings. The current article discusses a literature research paper and its structure.

The most ambiguous and vague works of literature give us an opportunity to create literature research papers. The structure of a literature research paper is simple:

  • Title page of a literature research paper should contain a title of the paper, an author’s name, an instructor’s name, a name and a number of a class, as well as a date.

You should remember that a title of your literature research paper should not be a paragraph long, though it should express the essence of the work.

  • Abstract. This part of a literature research paper is a brief summary of the whole paper.

You should present the information in a way so that the readers learned the objectives introduced in the literature research paper. Write about what you wanted to do and what you have done.

  • Introduction of the literature research paper contains the purpose of the research.

It should suggest your personal claim. For example, “Antigone can be considered a play without a hero, though the male character can be opposed to the female one; they can create a perfect tandem of a protagonist and an antagonist”. As you can see, this phrase clarifies your opinion and discloses the basic ideas for the literature research paper.

These aspects of the literature research paper structure are aimed at helping you to start the process of writing your own paper.