Issue Essay: Five Steps to Write an Essay and Solve a Problem

People encounter problems and solve them; this task can be fulfilled successfully or not. Sometimes people have to present solutions to problems in their academic papers.

Argumentative essays and persuasive essays contain discussion of problems and attempts to make people change their position. The current article contains discussion of issue essays and steps that should be taken in order to succeed in writing issue essays.

Five Steps to Succeed in Writing Issue Essays

  • The first step that should be taken is to search for an appropriate topic.

Topics for an issue essay can be found in the Internet databases or be a result of your personal experience and observations. As a rule, the most appropriate topics involve a great number of debates; they have been discussed before you made up your mind to develop one of these topics in your issue essay. You can discuss the problem of global warming, stem cells used for research, pros and cons of abortion, child labor, animal testing, damage of drugs and alcohol, gun and weapon control, and a great number of disputable matters for your issue essay.

  • The second step of writing issue essays presupposes the final choice to be made.

Choose the most appropriate topic. Do not think that you can take the brightest one and develop it. Think carefully and give facts to support a specific topic. If you do not feel confident about defending the topic of abortion (or some other one), you should choose another topic which provokes your thoughts and presents more space for discussion.

  • Create an outline for your issue essay and keep focus on the topic of your issue essay.
  • Write the paper which would develop the topic in the best way; do not forget about the introductory and conclusive parts of your issue essay.
  • Present your thoughts logically, introduce new information and make proper conclusions.

When you solve a specific problem in your issue essay, it is necessary to stick to the point. When you feel the paper is over, take a break and proofread your paper.