How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay
Before you begin to write a persuasive essay, the first thing you need to know is what a persuasive essay is. Usually, a persuasive essay does what it means, which is to persuade the readers. It might be to persuade the readers to buy something after reading the essay. It might be to convince the readers that the ideas presented in the essay are the right one and they should follow them. For example, a green issue essay would revolve around the ideas of preserving the environment and reducing pollutions. The essay would try to persuade its readers to follow the green way of living and if the essay is of any good, it would make an impact in the readers’ lives and would change their ways of living. That is the power of a good persuasive essay.

Hence, the question now is how to write a good persuasive essay? Well, like what ordinary essay, there is essentially three parts to it which are the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Introductions are always the most important parts in all forms of essays as they are the first things that the readers will be exposed to about the whole essays. Therefore, in order to captivate the readers to continue reading your essay, you need to be able to express effectively what the essay is essentially about and what are there installed for the readers so that they will continue reading the essay.

The next part of the essay would be the body. This is where all the extensive researches that you had done on the subject will be placed at. Let us continue with the green issue essay. For this particular essay, the body will be about how to live a green life and how this green life will affect the environment and how it will make the world a better future for the next generation to live. This is where the persuasion starts as you need to convince with your writings that the best thing to do in order to secure a good future for future generations is through green living. For a more dramatic effect, put in the possible outcomes should no one adapt to the green living.

Last but not least is the conclusion of the essay. Just like any other ordinary essay, the conclusion of a persuasive essay needs to summarize the whole content of the essay into one paragraph. It is with the hope that the conclusion would refresh the minds of the readers and would make a last effort to convince them to take up the ideas being presented in the essay.

A persuasive essay should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion and these three parts should work well to persuade readers to take in the new ideas.