How to Write a College Essay

College students studying together in a libraryBefore you can begin writing your application essay, you will need to find a suitable topic for your paper. If it helps, you may wish to browse some sample essays online to get an idea of what other students have written about in the past. However, you should still plan to come up with your own unique and interesting college essay topic. If you already know how to write a essay, learning how to write a college essay isn’t much different. Generally, your essay topic should reflect your values, interests and abilities. Of course, there is no absolutely correct method for writing a college application essay. In other words, how you approach your essay topic and what you choose to write about will largely be up to you.

However, you do want your essay topic to be highly focused and concise. In other words, do not choose a general subject or memory to write about. Instead, focus on a specific facet of a given situation or event and use your essay to provide an engaging interpretation of that event. For instance, try brainstorming a list of experiences that have changed who you are or made a big impact in your life. Then, try to narrow down your list to one specific event or situation that changed your perspective or allowed you to grow. By sticking to one topic and examining it from all angles, people in the admissions department will be able to get an idea of who you are and where you come from. This is fundamental in learning how to write a college essay.

Tips on How to Write a College Essay

Once you’ve chosen a suitable essay topic, you are now ready to learn how to write a college essay. Before writing though, you may wish to create an outline for your essay. For instance, many colleges set a word limit on their application essays and you do not want to create an essay that is either too short or too long. By creating a rough outline for your paper, you can mark off the critical points that you want to examine as well as get an idea of how your paper will flow. However, you don’t want to spend too much time focusing on creating an outline and avoiding the actual writing.

Next, you should create a rough draft of your application essay. Similar to other essays and research papers, you should have a paper that is at least five paragraphs with a concise introductory paragraph and conclusion. You should also have a strong thesis statement as well so your readers have something to focus in on. A thesis statement will also allow you to stay on point throughout your application essay and avoid any rambling. Also, be sure not to repeat information that is listed in other areas of your application. Don’t include redundant details about your GPA or resume. You want to impress college admissions officers with revealing details and solid writing that allows them to see the world through your eyes.

However, that does not mean that you should push your opinions or feelings throughout the paper without providing strong evidence to support them. Perhaps the easiest way to edit and strength in your essay is to put yourself in the shoes of the college admissions officer who will be reading your paper. Ask yourself: what makes my application essay stand out from others? What sets me apart? Why would anyone be interested in this essay? After you answer these questions, you should go back and edit your paper with these thoughts in mind. Finally, you’ll want to do a last spelling and grammar check before submitting your application essay. Hopefully, you know have a much clearer idea of how to write a college essay.