How To Identify Best Dissertation Service

Year in year out, there are thousands of students in America and the rest of the world who are in need of dissertation writing service as part of their last major academic activity before embarking on their professional careers. In a world that is filled with thousands of on line writers the task therefore becomes even harder for a student to identify which websites are genuine and which ones are not. Here at we understand that for academic activity of this magnitude, it is important to not only find a good writer but also to get a writer who will get the work done in time. There are some good pointers that differentiate good writer from the fake ones that students should consider before giving out their work.

  • Most genuine writing service providers such as have a fixed number where they can be reached. It is therefore easy and possible to talk to us directly by calling us. Fake writers normally do not even have a number or even a physical location where they operate from.
  • Sometimes it is good to ask for a draft from a company to witness their level of experience. We at are ready to offer you a free draft to show you our expertise. Most companies will ask money from you upfront. They care only about the money.
  • A good service writing company will have representatives available to assist customer at all time irrespective of the time. has customer care support team that is available 24/7 to offer support in any way necessary to you.
  • has a rigorous hiring process to ensure that only the best and highly qualified personnel are allowed into our hire. Most fake companies will hire cheap labor from offshore with little experience.
  • Due to the time limitations in writing dissertations most companies will not bother with research, they will simply copy pastes other peoples work and submit as their own. puts emphasis on creativity and originality. We give you non plagiarized work that is authentic and free from any form of errors.
  • Another gimmick used by fake writers to lure students to offer them work is use of the phrase ‘money back guarantee’. As assuring as this might sound don’t make rush decisions. If possible do extensive research on these companies and ensure that they really do exist and as happened before some entrusted this people simply because they used this phrase only to disappear. has a genuine money back policy where we work out a formula of working together to avoid such circumstances.
  • has put in place apparatus that makes it easy for our customers to interact us or their appointed writer directly. This direct interaction between our writer and customer is a surest way of developing trust between us and our clients. Most other fake companies offering writing services have not put any communication channels between them and the customer thus they are unreachable.
  • has extensive research capacity at our disposal and we are able to tackle even topics that are perceived to be very hard. Fake writing companies have no research capacity and will often submit substandard material.
  • Good writing companies will always offer free samples of their work like we at do so that our customer have a good glimpse of our capabilities.