How Can You Present Evolution in Human Evolution Essays?

Human evolution is a difficult and extremely interesting process. Tracing it allows seeing the evolving of a mere ape into a human able to think logically, talk, work, learn, etc.

Your human evolution essays should be written about the peculiarities of this process. But, of course, these should be the peculiarities that are rarely discussed in other human evolution essays.

What to write in human evolution essays?

Most of the human evolution essays describe the stages of evolution and the changes that take place at each of these stages. However, your human evolution essay should be unique. So, think about the following topics that are rarely discussed in the human evolution essays:

  • The use of tools and expansion of the human brain: Is evolution still taking place? Human evolution theory posits that evolution took place because of the apes starting to use tools they have never used before. What the use of new technologies, according to this theory, can do with modern people? Are we still going through evolution? Who are we evolving into? The robots? Human evolution essays have to disclose this.
  • Four aspects of human behavior.  These human evolution essays should account for such aspects as planning, abstract thinking, symbolic behavior, and innovation. Namely these aspects of behavior distinguish us from the apes.
  • Why the existing apes stopped evolving? These human evolution essays can be a flight of fancy. This is the fact that none of the scientists can give a valid explanation to. Maybe, you will be able to do this. Please, do not be too critical and do not reject evolution. People spent their lives trying to prove that we originated from the apes.

These are some of the most creative topics for human evolution essays. Hopefully, they will be useful to you!