Hamlet Essay Writing: Several Possible Themes To Be Discussed

“Hamlet” is one of the most famous Shakespeare’s masterpieces. Moreover, it is full of important problems to think about. The major themes of life are highlighted in this immortal literary creation. Every student will certainly have to write a Hamlet essay. It shows how a student understands the problems of the play and how he/she treats the main character.

In addition, the Hamlet essay develops your critical thinking and analytical skills, moreover, in you Hamlet essay you will have to show your personal judgment of the play.

It goes without saying that Hamlet essay can be devoted to numerous problems and themes of the play, however, if you cannot choose a good topic, you can consider the list of possible Hamlet essay topics below. May be it will help you with your writing.

  1. The first topic you can explore in your Hamlet essay is the analysis of the main character. You may focus you attention on his traits of character and behavior. You may also analyze his relationship with other characters of the play.
  2. One of the major themes of the play that you can disclose in the Hamlet essay is “to be or not to be”. You will have to analyze Hamlet’s hesitations. Moreover, you can relate it to the époque when the protagonist lived. Analyze Hamlet as the image that shows the crisis of the English nobility at the junction of two social époques: feudal and capitalistic.
  3. In your Hamlet essay, you can describe the classical allusions that Shakespeare makes use in his play.
  4. One more possible topic for the Hamlet essay is the analysis of the inward and outward conflict of the play through its main character.