Guide to Writing Essays: Do Not Know How? Ask Us, We Know!

Guide to writing essays

We are almost sure that you have had the time in your study to think about how wonderful it would be to have a comprehensive guide to writing essays. But imagine that such a guide would contain so many rules, and there would be few fans of reading such an encyclopedia. New instructions added to such a guide confuse the readers. However, no conditions can reduce the demand for effective and comprehensive guides to writing essays.

Let us introduce our guide

Understanding this high demand, we have taken our time to develop a simple guide to writing essays in which there are only useful recommendations, no comments and conditions of use. It is the guide to help you in writing, but not to confuse you. So, the guide to writing essays we suggest includes:

  • Basics of essay writing;
  • Essay structure;
  • Linking words and phrases.

Basics of essay writing

Not to make it too dull for you, we will be brief and state that the basic principle of our guide to writing essays is to keep to the essay structure, use linking words and phrases, and follow your professor’s instructions.

Essay structure

As well, it is recommended in our guide to writing essays to keep to the 5-paragraph essay structure unless your professor specifies another structure. Just include:

  • Introduction;
  • Main body (usually 3 paragraphs);
  • Conclusion.

Linking words and phrases

Finally, in our guide to writing essays we strongly advise on using linking words and phrases for paragraph transition. These words and phrases are:

  • “Let us move on to the next point…”;
  • “To prove this…”;
  • “In support of the argument…”.

So, enjoy this brief guide to writing essays and remember to be specific, as your professor probably likes to say.