Great White Shark Essay: Guarding The Waters Of The Ocean

Carcharodon carcharias is another name for the great white shark that is commonly found in coasts of the ocean. It is famous for its incredible size, as it is the biggest predator presenting the greatest danger for humans.

Therefore, this animal is often considered in great white shark essays. Let us consider some facts about these dangerous species to write a persuasive great white shark essay.

In what form can great white shark essay be presented?

  • In the form of a prevention statute

Choosing this form of narration, your great white shark essay can elaborate on the reasons for considering this predator the most dangerous one. In addition, you can also instruct people on how to behave to prevent from facing this threat directly.

  • In the form of a fiction

In case you choose this genre for your great white shark essay, you should compile an imaginary story about, for example, exciting adventures of a brave hero who managed to win a ferocious great white shark.

  • In the form of a report

Your great white shark essay should reveal as many figures and facts as possible to persuade the reader that a white pointer, another name for the great white shark, do not consider a human as the main prey item in your great white shark essay.Some facts about the predators to be included in a great white shark essay:

  1. What do they eat? The sharks prey on tuna, other sharks, dolphins, whales, and seals.
  2. Where do they live? When writing great white shark essay, you should mention the habitat those animals live in to warn people about dangerous territories.
  3. How do they look like? The great white sharks resemble large conical snouts. They have a white underside, and a grey spinal area.