Famous Essay Writers: Why Are They Famous? Who Defines That?

Do you know famous essay writers?

Students all over the world write essays every day. They have guidelines and topics, essay structures and requirements, but often lack experience and role models to follow. Consideration of famous essay writers and the methods they used in their work might be of help with this. So, these are some of famous essay writers:

  • Matthew Arnold;
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson;
  • Hugh Hood;
  • Michel de Montaigne;
  • Voltaire;
  • Rebecca West;
  • Virginia Woolf.

Why are they famous?

It is natural if you ask why the above listed people are famous essay writers. You have also written a bunch of essays in your study but no one calls you famous. You know, the point is not in the number but the quality of essays. People called the famous essay writers displayed skills and ability to make thousands of readers attentive and appreciative while reading their works.

More specifically, Emerson, Woolf, Hood, and others discussed burning issues of the society in a language that was understandable for a person from any social class and with any educational level. These facts allowed their contemporaries to call those authors famous essay writers.

What famous essay writers wrote about?

The topics famous essay writers wrote on were diverse but what united them all was their crucial importance to the people that read those essays. Arnold, for instance, wrote on culture and social essay system in the early 19th century when the topic was burning.

Woolf, on the other hand, considered emotions, psychology, and the role of a woman in the society in her essays that were rather popular on the merge of the 19th and 20th centuries. Thus, famous essay writers combined skills and abilities of reflecting the most socially important issues in their work, and this provided for the wide public appraisal of famous essay writers’ works.