Choose An Essay Topic For Yourself

Before you begin to write an essay, it is really very important that you should choose an essay topic for yourself, as it is totally impossible to write an essay without an essay topic. Besides that, it is vital for you to have an essay topic that is catchy and is attractive enough to catch the reader’s attention. More attractive your title would be more applause and higher grades you will get in your essay.

Following are some of the different types of essay paper topics for the college students; you can choose to go with anyone of them.

Breakup of the USSR

You can choose to write over how and why the break of USSR occurs, as a whole lot of people are still unaware of the true story, and besides that they are always interested to know more and more about that.

Role of NATO

You can discuss whether NATO forces are working for what they are meant for or they are just acting like the puppets of USA in the War on Terror. Besides that, you can also discuss within the essay that whether they are fulfilling their duties in the right manner or not and have they been involved in war crimes as well or not.

Over population

You can discuss about the effects of over population and how overpopulation can affect a developing country’s GDP.

Business Ethics

An essay over business ethics would be highly appreciated by your course instructor. You can go through in depth about business ethics, and produce an essay that points out all the healthy business ethics.

Child Labor

Child labor is known to be one of the unhealthiest parts of our society, and has been carried out for the ages. Child Labor is almost completely eliminated from the Developed countries, but still a number of undeveloped countries are facing the issue of child labor even after the strict child labor laws. A topic over child labor will surely work out great for you.


Racism is one of the problems that is found in both developed and underdeveloped countries. A topics related to racism will just go out great!