Function of an essay introduction, General to specific

A typical introduction of an essay begins on answering the general questions about the topic chosen. The introduction is basically a foreword which tells the reader as to what they can expect to read in the essay. The length of the introduction depends upon the format or the guideline provided to the writer, however it can typically range from a paragraph to even a couple of pages. However, it should serve the purpose of providing a chance to the reader to know whether it grasps them or not to read further.

Function of an essay introduction

An essay introduction provides a map to the reader as well as the author to know how it needs to proceed in the reading or drafting the main body or the discussion and the conclusion of the complete essay. It is here that the author will be outlining his or her argument with an opening statement. The statement will outline the purpose of the study as well as the objectives of the study. The introduction will provide general definition of the key terms that are found in the topic. This would also include that why the author is choosing this area of subject to be written about or examined. The argument itself will be based on something, and the theory can be defined here as well to tell the reader so as to what direction this essay is taking.

General to specific

An essay introduction should be structures properly. It needs to be started with a general opening of the subject area or the topic and moving on to focus on the specific issue at hand. In this way, the reader will know the thought process of the writer as to why they have chosen the topic. The introduction of an essay is like a funnel, where the thoughts of the writer are being filtered from raw thoughts to immensely focused point of view.