Structuring Critical Thinking Essays: Making Those Interesting

Students are often given a task to write critical thinking essays. While writing them, students usually have to find the truth, consider different points from critical point of view and show their personal opinion on the issue under discussion.

The structure of the critical thinking essays

  1. The introduction is the part where the problem for criticizing is presented and the points for consideration are discussed.
  2. Summary of the work which is criticized. In this part, writers of critical thinking essays should present the main idea of the discussion, consider the most important facts and underline the author’s messages.
  3. The analysis and the evaluation of the discussed work should be presented in the essay. In this section critical thinking essays should dwell upon the analysis of the work which was provided and evaluate whether it flew smooth. The relevance of the thesis statement and its reference to the whole paper should be reviewed.
  4. The conclusion is the part where a student should underline his/her opinion on the work based on the facts which were discussed in critical thinking essays.

There are some points which should be considered while working on critical thinking essays, such as:

  1. Support your opinion with evidences.
  2. Try to be objective and present personal opinion, supported with the sources.
  3. Try to provide some references to the experts’ opinion.
  4. Use criticism in critical thinking essays, avoid phrases like “it is not acceptable”, “I just do not like this”. Be reasonable in your critical thinking essays.

In fact, critical thinking essays usually take up some time for writing. Remember it. Good luck!